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i believe my manual has torque specs for the 1.1, altho i'm not completely positive. list the specs you need and when i get home tonight i'll check for you.

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1.1 torque values

connecting rod bolts 20
main bearing bolts 45
flywheel to crankshaft 25
cylinder head bolts 35
sprocket to camshaft 30
pulley to crankshaft 30
spark plug 29

Unless otherwise noted
10 mm (15 mm head) 30
8 mm (13 mm head) 15
6 mm (10 mm head) 60 lb. in.

I assumed you were refering to the motor. All others will be the same regardless of motor.

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Thanks friends, I've had a look into my Opel Kadett B Service Manual and al the torques are listed in it!
I especially needed the ones of the front suspension, could be pretty tricky otherwise ;) ... I suppose al the other torques will be listed in the Manual too ... If somebody needs a torque value, just let me know! ;)

Have a nice day and thanks a lot!
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