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I blew the transmission in DD Buick last weekend, So I have been driving my GT while we search for a suitable Junkyard tranny. This is both good and bad. Good because this quality time together has really brought us closer (me and the GT). Bad because trannys are not cheap and my daily commute is 140 miles, round trip, and my GT is far from being a candidate for a long-distance daily driver. During this time I have learned many, many things

Some noises go away
new noises will appear
carbs do not like being cold in cold weather
Open exhaust sounds great on the downshift (okay, the mufflers fell off during this past Fall)
Open exhaust is really loud at 3500 rpm for an hour (I don't know who hates me more, my ears or my valves)
Who needs a radio when you have a Weber
Bumper to Bumper traffic is not fun (this is not unique to driving in the GT)
Driving in the rain isn't that bad
You really should have a working window defroster
Driving in the rain sucks
The forecast calls for rain for the next 7 days (plug in 02169 in weather.com)
I wish I fixed my (insert broken/failing/leaking/noisy part here)
the gauges are a work of art (even though my clock doesn't work)
I really wish my speedometer worked
I love the look of the steering wheel
There really isn't a comfortable way to grip the wheel for an extended period of time
Rear wheel drive rocks!
Potato skin tires suck!

I am going to have a tough choice when the Buick is fixed. I think the GT is going to feel neglected after all this attention.

What does everyone else do to bond with your Opel? What have you learned from your Opel?

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I just got my GT running, and so far I know that all it asks for is:
1. Good, wholesome fuel.
2. A drop or two of oil. And.....
3. Just a tad bit of good ol' TLC!!:)

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i just got my GT going again, it did ask for alot of little things, all it wants now is some fresh oil and for me to pull the rack and pinion out so i can clean it, regrase it, and put those new rack boots on it. the only other thing it demands is 5 minutes warm up time and 93 octane fuel....i drive it everywhere i can, on my permit of course, for annother 2 weeks anyway, then its just me and the GT.

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My Favorite Road

"What does everyone else do to bond with your Opel?"

I get up about 5:AM when there's nobody else around, tighten my seat belt and take it to my favorite stretch of road for a high speed dash through back country roads where the asphalt is smooth as glass. Where the turns and terrain resemble some cross between a pretzel and a roller coaster and you get more shifts-per-mile than miles-per-gallon. I use a stop watch and try to improve my time with each pass. Now THAT'S bonding!! ;)

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Although my GT isn't quite ready for time-trials, I have started planning my route for the twice-daily commute to and from "work." The route will contain all (and only) left hand turns, which is entirely possible. Hazards and other challenges are being identified: long traffic lights (always a gamble), pedestrian crossings, steep hill starts, unpaved roads, long winding stretches and of course the hi-way straights. Other pins on the map are gas stations and coffee.
So far the preliminary "to" route is about 14 miles and "back" route is 18 (calculated). Unfortunately my home and "work" are the exact same place, so the whole thing is sorta pointless. Or is it?
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