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Bore/stroke for 1.1L

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I can't find bore/stroke specs for the 1.1. Also, I need the same for 1.5. I'm trying to identify NOS pistons. They're either .75mm oversize for 1.1 or 1.5.

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Bore and stroke:

1.0 2.84x2.40
1.1 2.95x2.40
1.5 3.25x2.75
1.9 3.66x2.75

Sorry all measurements I had handy at the time were in decimal inches.


This is Darin . . . I spell mine right!:rolleyes:

Ya know I'm just kiddin'!!!

Thanks for the numbers. easy enough to convert. Just divide by .03937.

That makes it:

1.0 - 72.136mm X 60.96mm
1.1 - 74.930mm X 60.96mm
1.5 - 82.550mm X 69.85mm
1.9 - 92.964mm X 69.85mm

NOW, that means I got twirled on a set of pistons that were SUPPOSED to be for a 1.1 Kadett.

They were advertized as:

"You are bidding on 4 NOS (New Old Stock) flat top 75mm +.040 oversize pistons for a Opel Kadett"

This should have been a 1mm oversize for the 1.1

Oh well, . . . Does anyone need a set of . . . . I don't know WHAT the heck they fit. I'm reading 3.374, this makes the standard 3.344" or 84.937mm (85mm). Maybe a 1.7, but I thought they were only euro??? They're definately Opel. ANYway, they're NOS with good rings.

Hey wait. Maybe I could SLEEVE a 1.9 down to 85mm, get one heck of a head gasket, Run a 1.5L head ported with larger valves. Fly cut these babies to get those valves wide open and run one a crazy overlap. Aspirate the whole thing and run 2 to 2.5 bar (28 to 35psi) of boost!!!! Can you image the flames from the exhaust on decelration???

Seriously though. I'll figure out what they're for and advertize them hear. I'll ask what I paid which is 20 bucks.

Thanks Darrin
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85 mm would be for a 1.6 CIH Opel (European-spec).

Thanks Bob,

I'm wondering if anyone would have a use for them or if I should try to get my 20 bucks back!!
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