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Boring up C20XEV Engine

Hi, my name is Kyo-Bum Lee(If my name is to long to type, just call me KB)
I live in South Korea. I just joined to this opelgt.com. This site is great!!
Now, I want ask you some questions.
In Korea, there is a car manufacturer called Daewoo. I have a car named Le Mans(which Daewoo made) and its base model is the famous Opel car, Kadett. And I swaped the engine from 1.5 Litre Engine to Opel's C20XEV Engine 2.2 Litre(This engine was also imported by Daewoo).
And I want to bore up the engine. But I don't know the limit Bore which I can spare. I hope you understand what I mean(My english aren't that good).
Please answer me how much can I bore up.
Thank you

ps. After the boring up the engine, it should have some endurance. Because I want ride my car for long time.

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hi kyo부당한 바람막이쪽this site is more for the cars imported into the US before 1975
may i suggest
as they use that engine in vectras and calibras :)
still drop us a line to know how you get on
i think vauxhall/opel do theat engine up to 2.2 litre as standard so that will keep you going for a start :D
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