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part #'s

Hi Gary,
The site is great!!! I've been using it for a while and have recieved much help from many of the members(thanks all). Now, How about a forum for part #'s, not substitutes. The other day I found a place that got the original exhaust system for my GT from the resonator back to the chrome tips from Borsal. If I had the part #'s, they would have been cheaper by $40.00 U.S. at auto drone (but the center pipe was more)
Any way here are the #'s (Leave off dashes)
Center pipe(over axle) = 719-582 - paid $14.65
Resonator = 185-582 - paid $92.40
Rear muffler w/chrome tips on = 185-580 - paid $93.40
Gasket manifold to pipe = 256-557 - paid $2.55
Auto trans rear seal = 9613s - paid $1.60
the parts are great and OEM specs
I couldn't get the front pipe but OGTS has it.

Webster :)
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