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I found out that there´s supposed to be a return spring on my GT and unfortunately OGTS does not currently carry them. I found a spring at Pep Boys that is 3/4 in x 2 1/8 in in a similar gauge to the stock spring. Their part # is 0-80358-18561 and it cost me $1.99. Hope this helps.


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I remember seeing this thread and going down to Pep Boys with the part number in hopes to buy this spring a few years ago only to find out that the part number was not in their system any longer, and they didn't have anything that was the right size. I then went to Ace Hardware and found a suitable substitute...I then found the original spring that I had spent hours looking for.

If you do find it at Pep Boys, let us know. I'm sure that the original part that I saw yesterday, which I will need tomorrow, will find a way to get lost in between.
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