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From the 3/1 edition of Autoweek:
"Buick gets in on the rear-wheel drive joy at GM when its Velite concept makes its debut at the New York auto show in April. (Buick says the name is derived from a group of elite, fast-moving troops.) Sister car to the OPEL Insginia concept shown at last September's Frankfurt show.

Velite is the second car - and first for the North American market - built on GM's all new premium, global, rear-wheel drive platform. Think luxury Holden -GM's Austrailian arm - and you get the idea for Buick's four seat, two door convertible. In Opel trim, a 344 hp Corvette V8 powered the concept. For Buick, look for the tradition of powerful V6's to continue. There's no word on Velite's future yet, but why create an all-new platform without having a plan for production?"


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I like the looks of the car, A lot better than the Regal replacement named LaCrosse.

With the LaCrosse promising to offer a 240hp 3.6 V6 sourced from the Caddy CTS, could a 240hp Velite be too far off?

Scratch the Solstice I want the Velite!!!
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