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In my megasquirt thread I made a custom end.

If I were using a barrel at the end, I would have used this


And subbed in a set screw for the actual bolt.

I have a half mile of stainless steel cable but no housing. I'm thinking of making custom cables in the future. Winter time gets pretty boring.

BTW, if you are going to cut a cable and don't want it to fray, either solder the area where you are going to cut, or use super glue. Then use a dremel with a FINE cutoff wheel and you will have an awesome end.
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I finally bothered to actually look at the Lokar site and wander through their offerings. I went straight to the throttle cables page. There seem to be a plethora of different ends and combinations of ends to mix and match, plus braided housings and nice adjuster fittings. Once I get my hands on and see what the throttle set up looks like, I'm sure I can find a combo that will work for me.

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