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while rebuilding my calipers and attempting to free a frozen piston i decided to use another caliper from a doner that came out of a parts box i got when i purchased the car . these caliper had bigger pistons and the brake line fed in at the top . hmmmm!!
deciding to just bite the bullet and buy new ( after all its brakes and lives we are talking about here ) i have some puzzling questions that i should resolve before ordering these calipers . any help is apprieciated !
1. where did the bigger bore come from ( diff year ,car, application ) ?
2.would this bigger size prove a benefit in stopping power .
3.is this worth it ( they were less expensive ) ?
4. do these require a different brake pad ?
when in doubt ask the experts - you guys have not let me down yet thanks bob
p.s. these other calipers did fit the car - 69 kadett wagon 1.9 however leaked liked crazy !! after the rebuild .

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Kadetts use smaller pistoned calipers than other Opel models. GT calipers would be a step up in terms of piston diameter, and would be a direct fit. Pads are the same, the only exception to this is the 1975 Manta/Ascona front calipers use a larger pad.

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I happened to read this in my '69 Factory Service Manual the other day. All the 1.1 litre GT's with front disc's had the smaller caliper bores. I wasn't sure that Kadett 1.1's came with front disc's, but if they did, they also had the smaller bores. According to the FSM, 1.9 Kadetts had the bigger bores.
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