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Cam Button

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Tearing down my 73 and 70 engines in close proximity has me a little fuzzy. I don't recall if the 70 had a cam button. Do they usually? I'd like to use one either way, but they only list them for 73-75 motors. Would a cut down standard button, for like sbc, work for this?


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1965-1972 1/2 Opel CIH engines had a 'short' cam button, while later engines had a longer button due to the redesign of the front of the head when Opel changed from a 10-bolt to a 12-bolt fastening. The thread pitch is metric in the camshaft, so it's unlikely a Chevy cam button will cross over. Use the later Opel button and cut it down to length. This button is critical, it is the only thing that prevents the cam from walking forward, which will wear the lifters badly and also potentially break the timing chain.

I thought I had to pull one out of each motor. If it didn't use one stock I was going to use one of the locking plates that holds buttons in and just shave it to fit.

Thanks Bob
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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