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I have a new (to me) cam from Cam Techniques that I am going to run hopefully as soon as next week.. It is the F-275 B2106 which is 430 lift 270 advertised Duration at 50 with 108 sep. The next up after the one Bob talks about is is the H330 which is 486 lift 236 adv. Dur at 50 with 110 sep

As far as the split cam profile a quote from the tips and tricks thread by Rally Bob

"Camshaft: I used to run straight profile cams, that is, both intake and exhaust profiles are the same. But with a 1.9 head, and especially with the 1.5 head, there's power to be had by running a split-profile, with more intake lift and duration. My favorite streetable (solid lifter) profile is a Cam Techniques grind, with their F-306 for the intake profile (.459" intake lift, 246 intake duration @ .050") and their F-290 for exhaust profile (.435" lift with 242 exhaust duration @ .050"). I have the cam ground with 108-degree lobe separation for street use. You can either have the cam ground with some advance, or you can use an adjustable cam gear to correct the cam timing. I would run 3-4 degrees of cam advance. Idle is at 1100-1200, best power is 2500-6500 rpms".
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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