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Car show at the Great Locomotive Chase Festival

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Got some more info on the show at the Locomotive Fest in Adairsville Georgia. It's the first weekend in October.
Check out the site below and just scroll down to find the shows this club is involved in and you'll find this particular one in the October section. This is a great site. Love what I've seen at the show every year and the site is free.
Hope to see everybody there. Come by the house and have a cup of coffee and get all your Halloween candy for free! Since the parade starts at our house and the floats with all the kids can't resist pelting you with candy (they'll really chunk the goodies if you make some 'gimme' motions too) we haven't bought candy in years for the holiday. Hope it doesn't rain anytime near the festival. Really cuts down on the useable treats. :D

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Sounds like fun!!

:D I will check with the schedule committy (My wife). I will see if we can come up and say HI. I will not have the GT even close to make the trip. But If you need some parts I may have some. Let me know if you are looking for something.
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