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My Apt flooded so i sitting around waiting for someone to come fix it

so in other words i am bored. i was looking threw my old GT diary

here is the first seasons entries.

Bought race GT from Gil at OGTS may 1996 Carl Goodpasture's GT
May 25
first time out to establish a base line on the car
nothing was done to the car ran as received put in 2 gals of 104 race gas
car ran great no bog at all
1st pass took it real easy
1.259 reaction time (poor) 2.560 short time 11.098 1/8 mile @61.93
17.321 1/4 mile @ 78.49mph

2nd pass , .962 reaction time 2.353 60ft time 16.888 1/4 mile @78.83
3rd pass .881 RT 2.296 60ft 16.694 1/4 @71.30
1st and 3rd oases i missed a shift .520 is perfect RT
so a .881 is very poor but the car is running a 16.694 with a missed shift not bad

car seemed to fall off at about 6500rpm forcing me to shift the rev limiter is set for 7000
something is choking down the motor it should rev easy to 7000 and pull all the way
about 80 to 85hp

2nd time out RT .799 16.667 1/4 @79.45mph 2.297 short time

3rd time out 16.4

June 13 96
changed main jet from 130 to 150 to correct a lean mixture ran again and did another plug cut better but still on the lean side
regaped plugs from 27 to 35
reset timing to 12deg advance throttle response is better low end feels better but off idle bog on fast throttle input

rest timing to 15deg advance car runs 16.8 was 16.4
called MSD they said if MSD goes on the limiter at 6500rpm then the tach is off. but this still does not explain why it changes when i take off the air filters
reset the timing and regaped the plugs
question maybe it is hard valve float and not the rev limiter I will know when the new 7800 pill get here from MSD

14 June tuning carbs with Haltech it says car is lean at idle rich (very rich) on mains
this is with 190 air 130 main pilot (cant read my writing here)
idle 52.5
this is how i got the car and how it will be run at the first autocross

16 July first autocross EP
CAR VERY Quick first 2 runs 3rd overall 1st was 911 2nd DM civic
3 SEC behind fastest car

18 June 96 installed 75 Opel alt with 1 wire hookup 2nd wire is for gauge
19 installed xr3000 with my 75 dist bought from C&R

24 June 2nd autocross Porsh club 65.9 2nd place behind 911s had Potenzas the rear was very loose i did not have air to air up the tires
car ran great still overheating at 2005 deg also 75 alt is not keeping up need GM alt

6 July drag race reset valve lash to .013 intake and exhaust they where way off new spark plugs set at .035 car ran 16.2 with 2.0 60ft time
best time to date

for July 21 race installed 22x9x 13 tires also put metal shims behind rack so it would be a tighter mount
3rd place
11 Aug 96
1st place in EP ran against 2002 and Volvo car lifts inside rear tire on turns
the tire comes off ground and goes on the rev limiter @7800rpm

18 Aug another race still lifts rt rear tire off the ground enough to cause the car to go on the limiter (loss of power to the rear) LSD is not working

21 Sept at the drags strip car on 22" slicks car ran 16.047 at 79.72 mph RT .689 short time 2.234

Oct 20 96
1st EP 3rd overall out of 39 cars I changed out the rear sway bar to a Kaddet one
the right rear does not come off the ground now but not it will not turn in as good (needs more oversteer)
also i found out the quaiffe LSD does not work if the tire is off the ground so the LSD is not bad

wheel wt 22 lbs axles weigh 16lbs
Nov 10
MSD went out at San Marcus autocross
had to bypass it finished 3rd worst outing yet
i checked rear end and i am almost sure the 3rd member was set up wrong.
there is to much resistance in the rear end this is eating up all the HP
installed race seat and belts I reset the red Konis to its stiffest setting
there was stiffening in jounce but rebound did not seem to change this made the car hard to handle the car will not turn in has a large amount of oversteer
17 Nov
south TX autocross Championship reset konis to softest setting put in larger sawybar yoko A008rs tires
1st place EP also first money i ever won $15
205x60x13 tires
the front tires rub at the top
i also cut down the front bump stops

the Car handled a lot better slight oversteer caused buy cold tires could not get the car to rev past 6000rpm
also trans has slight leak
DEC 96
had extra flywheel lightened it was now 17lbs was 22
stock press plate is 12lbs for a 29 lbs press plate flywheel combo

Had axles lightened they started out at 16lbs five pounds taken off each
(don't do this unless you know what you are doing the axle broke later)

16 DEC started on Quaiffe LSD the 3rd member was in so tight that it took 45 foot pounds on the TQ wrench to turn it
the book says it should be 20 to 30 inch pounds

1996 driver of the year Thanks Carl and thanks GIL


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Bored again sitting trying to not scratch Small Pox Shot i got Friday
APT has no furniture its all in storage my disclaimer for this post is we all have to start learning some where
maybe this will help someone

Jan 97 1st race #1 EP

Feb 97 2nd race Bad Oversteer Air press with Yoko's 22 front 22 rear (under hard braking the car went into oversteer)

The LSD doesn't seem to have changed much but it is a lot easier to push in the pits.

Still have a slight leak at the trans tail housing. I still have to send of the MSD to get repaired
I'm still trying to figure out the oversteer problem

I need to start off with less tire press 20 front 20 rear.

March 9 97 changed out front upper A-Arms to adj. ones (bought from Bob Legare), I set the camber with the tires off at -3deg but with the tires on and off the jack it seems different --- I need to drive it around a little to get the resistance out of it.

The caster is another problem I have know idea what it is also the toe is a big?

16 Mar 97 2nd place in EP spun every time but one.
The car likes the 2 upper A-Arms it seems to turn in a lot better in the turns except for slow 180Deg where it plows because the caster is not set right

For the Apr race reset plug gap to .37 sent off MSD reinstalled Crane Cams XR3000
and to take out the XR3000 it had a miss at high RPM, reinstalled point type dist.

20 Apr 97 1st EP 64.1 LTOD was an AM formula Ford open wheel race car with a 57 RX7 Twin Turbo ran a 63
it was a good day for Opel, also tire press for Yoko's front 21 back 19 tire temps where better for the front after lowering them.
temp about 112 to 114 deg

May very good for Opel I'm starting to learn how to drive the car.
June 15 97 3rd overall
69.741 911 Targa 67.169, RX7 TT 67.280

first place EP very good for being on 205-60-13 Yoko's
Tach went out also MSD 6 back from repair still does not work, when i called them they said no problem was found but when i put it in it did not work
so far things that need to be done to car
1) original exhaust with super trap needs to be put back on.
2) Tach needs to be fixed
3) front end alignment
4) Cam needs to be degree
5) new adj. cam sprocket needs to be installed
6) Valve lash needs to be reset
7) elect dist needs to be repaired & installed

Long Range Goals:
1) GM Alt
2) larger cooling fan
3) monster tach
4) Tel Tel light
5) adj. shocks for the rear
6)diff adj. for the front
7) Cool air box for carbs
14 July 97 took car to Chassis Dyno
corrected HP 85.9 at 5000rpm
TQ 103.7 at 3400rpm
very poor car had valve float at 6200rpm?

this is the sound i herd in the motor since i bought it.
and i thought it was the rev limiter, but the car never got to the limiter.
so i have to problems (1) lack of HP (suspect Cam)
(2) lack of HI HP performance (suspect bad Valve springs)
I did a leak down test on motor
1= 98%
compression test 1) 240 2) 240 3) 240 4) 235 very good
the bottom end of this motor is in great shape
the next step look at the head
20 July 2nd place overall 5 SEC back behind TT RX7
Ordered new Header from Gil $250
20" tall Goodyear's are here
26 July car is down for major maintenance
Head sent to Jenke to have new Valve springs installed
* note Head has very mild port job, basic just port match
i will be installing the new adj. cam sprocket and new tri-y header.
( don't have enough $$ for new cam)
i need about $500 for the car (Hi-6 and new tach)
Aug 29 97
got back head from "Janke" Data on head: seat pres 118 @ 1.700 installe height
275 open @ 1.200
coil bind @ 1.140 This should allow up to .5420 lift Cam
height 1.700,1.690,1.685,1.695,1.695,1.685,1.685,1.700
comp cams #942 valve springs
combustion chamber i put in 55 mil got back 50 so i est about 52mil combustion chamber volume
85 mil in the cyl using 1/2 in below deck i estimate 492.0201032969 cyl volume
compression ratio with out head gasket is about 10.4619250634

3 Nov 97 ordered Cam for car also sent 4 speed to Alvin Jackson Trans to get fixed, they said that one of the Synchro was in backwards
the gear box has straight cut gears in it!
6 Nov 97 got back trans from Alvin Jackson $285 wow! He said the keys where in backwards Different then what he said the first time Hmmm
Ordered Cam and Lifters from C&R Cam Card to follow as soon as it gets here
received Crane Hi- 6 and PS-92 coil
Cam and lifters $286 with S/H
DEC 2 97 New Cam is here
lift intake .459 at valve
exhust .435

duration intake 284deg 246 @ .050
exhaust 280 deg 242 @ .050

timing .050
IO 17 BTDC closes 49 ABDC
EX opens 47 BBDC closes 15 ATDC

set the cam for 17 deg @ 0.050 intake opening just like the Cam card says but Max lift is about 295 instead of 290 lift but that's without the head being bolted down
Max lift is at 100 deg ATDC
1 Feb 98 cars been down a long time
the things that have been done new cam and lifters adj. cam sprocket, crane Hi-6 & PS92 coil, adj. fuel press regulator
Mallory 5" monster Tach, BellHousing fixed
Trans Fixed, Could not put on Tri-y header it fit so poorly i put a hole in it trying to grind it to fit, so i installed my pacesetter
p/n 70-1057 its only $100 and it fits no one else sell a header that works.
15 Feb 98 1st event 1st EP with a 79 Carbs need adj. ran very poorly no noticeable power increase
also installed Magna core wires
Mar 98 adj lifters (one came off the valve this was the problem at the last event)
Had SuperTrap put back on much better
14.9 ET @ 88mph at the strip best time to date
this was with 20" tall tires and 5.28 gears
geared to tall for the 1/4 mile
MAR event 63.8 SS Camaro 60 RX7 TT 61
this was on a HP Course. The SS driver said he got to 91 on the back Straight
I'm limited TO 88 MPH!
It looks like I am getting loser to catching the TT RX7
I still have to work on the Handling also fuel press seems to drop to 3psi from 5 psi also tach says I'm doing 8000rpm
but rev limit is set at 8800rpm?
10 Apr 98 First solo I race Cabinis Field 1.7 mile road course
2nd in class 115.6 1st was 240z @ 115.2
Porch 930 Turbo fully race prep 112
Dropped out 2nd timed run because the upper alt bolt fell off still have same problem as before
Bad news 13 Apr 98 car was only running on 3 cyl found a broken rocker arm on #2 the #3 had 220 dry 255 wet
CAR WT 1826


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