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I pulled the carb off of my opel and took it apart for a rebuild and the kits i have found at the local auto parts stores dont fit it! Now i have a carb i cant use and a car that doesnt run. HELP!! We think that it might not be the original carb, how do i find out what it is? I know that it is a webber and that it is designed to be a double pumper two barrel.:confused: :confused:

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The factory carb for all 1.9 Opels is a SOLEX brand.
Most people change over to a Weber 32/36 DG_V
or 38 DG_S (fill in blank with "A"or"E" for water or
electric choke style)

Can you post a pic of your carb? There should be
a stamping & a small metal tag with numbers on
it to tell what it is. If not, maybe you can describe
the carb so we can help a little more.

~ Tom C
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