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I've never seen a GT heat shield that was anything other than a single sheet of aluminum, such as shown below. Maybe the asbestos/aluminum sandwich is a European (or Kiwi) thing?

A heat shield will reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the carb from the exhaust manifold and the engine block. The heat shield acts as radiant "barrier", both during normal operation and during "heat soak".

And while the "heat stove" design on the '68 to '74 Opel CIH engine aids in fuel atomization at low temperatures, it is a bad thing at higher ambient temperatures, and during heat soak, which occurs immediately after the engine is shut down. The outer engine surfaces actually gets HOTTER than when the engine was running, as the engine's internal heat gets dissipated to the outside surfaces instead of to the coolant. This heat in turn gets radiated to the carb, boiling the fuel in the bowl, and causing vapour lock in the fuel pump.


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