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Heat Sheild

From the look of the carb pic there is not a heat shield under the carb.

The stock one is made of two thin formed sheets of ali with ASBESTOS sandwiched between them so run a mile if you come across one of them as it can KILL you - slowly!

You could make one from an ali sheet 1/16 th thick. It just goes under the carb base with a gasket each side and sticks out all round. Some even bend up between the carb and rocker cover and act as a barrier between the motor/exhaust manifold and the carb. They need air flow over them to remove heat as the carb still heat soaks once the engine has stopped.

A simple way to cool everything down in the garage is to just pop the hood as you get out of the car to allow it to cool quicker in the engine compartment. This allows more air flow up past the carb when the motor is stopped.
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