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Carlisle Import Show Display May 20-22, 2016

After shipping a 250 pound pallet across country to the Carlisle Fairgrounds and carrying another 150 pounds of merchandise in their suitcases, Todd and Tammy were ready to create something very special. And create they did.

As you can see from the pictures their Display space is chock full of goodies from all over the world. Opels Unlimited had been receiving big packages from Europe for weeks to prepare for the Display for this show.

Todd and Tammy arrived in Carlisle a day early and spent the entire day working on what will go down in history as the largest Sales Display ever produced. Not only did Todd bring the standard assortment of parts he also brought several of his new offerings and big specials like the Interior Sale.

This dynamic duo is expecting to be busy all three days of the show and are confident they brought enough for everyone who will be in attendance.

Be sure and come and say hello to them this weekend and check out the fruit of their labor. An amazing amount of work went into preparing this for you all so come and enjoy it!


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