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The first meeting of the new Carolina Opel Club was held yesterday
in Charlotte, North Carolina. We had 10 Opel people show up with 3
GT's and a great looking Manta 1900.
We all had a great time discussing ideas and ways to improve each
other's cars. We had a demonstration by Jarrell Young on how to
install an "Otto Start", which took all of 15 minutes to install.
Jarrell also showed us how to port an intake and exhaust manifold.
Many thanks to Jarrell! Everybody was really into checking each
others car's out, to see what they had done to theirs and pick up
some good ideas.
Then we got down to the serious business of eating hamburgers and
hotdogs. John May was gracious enough to host the first meeting at
his home and do the grilling. After dinner, we had door prizes for
some very nice items from Opel GT Source. The grand prize was a
polished GT valve cover. The cover was polished and donated by Brian
Frank. The winner was Mark Lams.
The first members of the club are: Brian Quick of Fayetteville,
NC, Roy Bell of Concord, NC, Jarrell Young of Reidsville, NC, Dieter
Heininger of Iron Station, NC, John May of Charlotte, NC, Keith and
Nikki Frank of High Point, NC, Justin Treadway of Bethania, NC,
Helmut Guehr of Kernesville, NC and Mark Lams of Pfafftown, NC.
If there are any other Opel people out there who want to join the
club, please let us know. There were a few people from North and
South Carolina who were going to come but had a scheduling conflict
at the last minute.
The next meeting will be held in High Point, NC with Brian and
Nikki Frank being the host. After that, the next meeting will be at
the Fall AutoFair, scheduled for September 17th and 18th in
Charlotte, NC.
Pictures are posted so please check them out!

Roy Bell
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