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The Carolina Opel Club met today, August 28th, at Keith and Nikki Frank's home in High Point, NC. We had four demonstrations that were very interesting.
Jarrell Young demonstrated his tool for removing the leaf spring from the front end of the GT after the front end had been removed the car. You can see pictures of this being done in the Photo Gallery under Carolina Opel Club.
Dieter Heininger demonstrated the removal of all the glass on a GT. Roy Bell demonstrated how to remove the steering column and Justin Treadway demonstrated how to remove the door window and mechanism.
Attending were Jarrell Young, host Keith and Nikki Frank, Roy Bell, Steve Poetzinger, Dieter Heininger, Helmut Guehr, Justin Treadway and Mark Lams.
Nikki proved to be a good cook on the grill as she grilled hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill.
Check out the pictures that have been placed in the Carolina Opel Club Photo Gallery and you will see Keith Frank's great looking rebuilt GT front end with a new brake system installed along with many other interesting pictures!
The next meeting will be at the Charlotte AutoFair on September 18th. If anyone is interesting in attending the Car Show and bring your Opel, please contact me as soon as possible. You do not need to be a member of the Carolina Opel Club to bring your Opel to the AutoFair. It is open to anybody who has an Opel. It doesn’t matter what it look like either! The more, the better!
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