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Carpet Set and Interior Sound Proofing

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Interior floor pans covered with ????

Hi all,

Actually a couple of questions for those Opelites than have gone before me. I'm restoring a 72 GT and have got use to all the rust and expect to be doing quite a bit of welding this spring & summer. I've been scrapping the plastic stuff on the interior floor pans. Looks like it has shrunk in places and in many cases comes up quite easily. Of course where it shrunk rust in present. What was this original material (black and painted with the car's color)? What should be used in 2003 to replace this material for the interior floor pans? I'm doing the body in stages (i.e. interior, rocker panels, tail) removing rust and welding in new material as I go along. Can I use just a simple spray primer for those areas completed as I work along different parts of the body? I have rocker panels to do, belly pan of course, parts of the door posts, and left rear quarter that was managed in a crash 30 years ago. Thanks for the input!:confused:
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hi the normal habit over here(europe) is to use a bitumin sheet as a sound proofing inside the shell,to replace it your local auto paintshop should carry a matirial of the same nature

if you have a vw dealer nearby you can get an spraycan seam sealer which you apply to the welded in panels to stop any water getting back there in the future

hope this helps
carpet set

Hey, my opel came with the ogts carpet set still in the box and there are a lot of funny little pieces of carpet and i have no idea where they go! if anyone has a microfiche they can post that would be cool.

ps. do i use the spray tack adhesive for the padding to the floor pans, and glue the padding to the carpet?
I belive the GT has a tar sound deadener and a mat of tar paper on top of that. I am thinking about using Rhino Liner or a spray/ brush-on pick-up bed liner on the floor on the inside of my GT.
I put that the same carpet set in my GT last fall. I couldn't find any instructions in the box so I just figured it out. I removed the original carpet and padding (rather grungy). I bought a large peice of felt carpet padding (like 10' by 10') from Home Depot. Using a marker and knife cut it into peices using the OGTS peices as templates. I used 3M Super 77 spray adhesive to glue the padding down to the car. I spot spray painted some of the padding or interior sheetmetal black so there would be no show through at any seams. I then used the same adhesive to glue the OGTS carpet peices in place. I few spots that would get heavy use I used a hot glue gun to make certain the carpet stayed down. A bit of work, but it came out real nice.
ehhh thats the thing the car didnt have any padding or carpet in it, it was all removed.
So there you go, half the work is already done for you. I was in the same boat, I ripped it all out, then figured out how to put the OGTS carpet kit in with no instructions. Kind of a jigsaw puzzle.

The kit and the original carpet are very different. The OEM carpet was just 2 or 3 large"fitted/shaped carpet sheets". You know a factory installed carpet. The carpet kit since it's made from common flat carpet stock is made with many smaller peices.

Pull the seats, take out the carpet kit and play with the peices finding where they go. The big driver and passanger floor peices are easy to identify, so are the two large peices that run along the tranmission hump. The large back deck peice is easy to. The ones under the seats look similar, but can be figured out. The problem for me was the peices behind the seats going up to the back deck, a little weird but I did figure it all out. I just "dry fit" all the peices until I had it all figured it out. Then I made copies (with modifications as required) in the carpet felt padding material. By that point it was like a giant jigsaw puzzle I knew like the back of my hand. Good luck.
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When I recarpeted, I put 1/8" acustical sound deading material in.
Yes soundproofing or soundresisting is a good idea due to the road noise gt's have (expecially when you need new rear end bearings). After i get the new floorpans in my car im gonna use spray in foam soundproofing(much like what is used in housing).. its fire proof (supposedly) and deadens sound down nicely anyway just my thoughts. :)
I managed to get an instruction sheet, I'll try to remember to scan it or take a picture when I get home.

Thanks for the input. It would appear that any sound deadening type material on the floor pans would b good. I'll also check into the seam sealer. Mike. Scoutdog72

How have you guys removed that black tar looking stuff? I need to get that done dash out and the consol out and im stripped and ready for paint. YAY
On Willit?, I used a real stiff putty knife to get the large chunks out, then a gallon of "Zylene" and lotsa paper towels to get the adhesive and residual material out. It will make a mess, the Zylene will dissolve the material and get it soft enuff to wipe out. A good cleaner will be needed afterward to get the residual off the paint too. I used "Marine Clean" by POR-15 and my K'Archer vapor blaster to finish up the job. HTH.
Sound Deadening ...

Definitely need some sound deadening material under the carpet - the GT will "ring" like a tin can without it!

I have found some very light-weight closed cell Urethane sheeting about 4mm thick that should do the job and save weight too. Available in black, red, blue, green and gray so should be able to match carpet colour closely so tiny bits don't show through. I have a black OGTS carpet kit - why would anyone punish themselves by trying to make up a set from scratch??
Why is everyone glueing their carpet down? That isn't how the OEM carpet was attached. I like the ability to easily remove and reinstall my carpet. Am I the only one that has ever had the carpet get wet?

G'Day Harold!

Water soluable glue - perhaps?:D

Good point - have to be able to haul it all out if it gets damp or the dreaded "Opel Rust" will eat holes in the floor pan!
original carpet

I know the original carpet had a button like tab that held the carpet down by use of a screw(always hated removing-screws always full of debris or rusted) I've never seen aftermarket retain the holes for these holders, nor seen the holders available aftermarket or NOS. I tend to glue down, but I see the point with wet carpet also.
G'Day to you also GT Jim! Although it is about bedtime for me.:D

I took my carpet to an upholsterer and had the grommets added.

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