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I received an email today with the Subject: FPA NOTICE: eBay Registration Suspension - Section 9- (my email address was here)

The message said I was suspended from eBay "due to concerns we have for the safety and
integrity of the eBay community." It looked official and had a hot link to go to where I could login and re-enable my account. It was signed by Safe Harbor Dept, eBay inc.

I went directly to eBay (not to the link in the message) and my account was active. I did some searching and eBay noted that there has been some Identity thefts by people obtaining user name and passwords via a scam like this. For info on how to avoid this go here: http://pages.ebay.com/help/new/account_protection.html

The hot link in the message started with an IP address, followed by an ebay type url. Note from the account protection.html link: NONE of eBays addresses start with an IP number. I forwarded the message to eBay and they are investigating.

If you receive any unusual messages be wary of attempts to obtain your username or password.
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