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Hi there.

I am brazilian and i have a 1993 "chevrolet" Kadett, since in Brazil the brand OPEL does not exist.

It has 1.8 litre engine, with 8 valves and a TBI Rochester engine management. I belive that this system was never used in Europe, but I also suspect that the engine is the same of the european models. I saw somewhere that this engine is made in Brazil and exported to a lot of places. Just like the 2.0 turbo for the new Astra Coupé...

The head is crossflow, intake valves 42mm exhaust 36. just like the 2.0. Compression ratio 8.8:1. It is rated as 98hp. But I took it to a dyno and it had only 68whp... but this is another story...

I just would like to know if somebody has flow data of this head, because I just couldn't find any numbers...

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