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So one of my favourite classic cars of all time is the Lamborghini Miura. One of the first cars to ever break the 170mph barrier and the predecessor to the Countach.


So, considering the Opel has somewhat the same idea going for it, why not incorporate some classic italian styling into the Opel's design. I photoshopped some stuff together and came up with this:


What do you think? (I hope the owner of this photo doesn't mind me changing it :confused:)

Replace the rotating lights with solid built in headlamps, rectangular fog lights with small round turn signals next to them. Shaved corner markers and shortened bumper painted black. Vents mounted in the hood and the 'bubble' shaved. Side windows fibreglassed into scoops and louvers placed on the back window. To top it off, some Lambo replica wheels. It would be pretty possible to do.

It's just an idea though. Trying to figure out what to do with my car when I start fixing it up.

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hehe, I was at a car show today and THIS is what I saw....

It look quite a bit like what you would want to do and looks amazingly like that Italian jobber.

Cutom built frame, custom build body. All hand fabricated. And he lives nearby me.

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WOW! that red one is...or was an opel! that amazing! the crease running down the sides the flip up lights, the hood! magnificient

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Introduction to Bizzarrini
With a background at Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Iso (plus his first car which was a sport coupe based on a second-hand Fiat 500B in 1949), Giotto Bizzarrini was a talented and experienced engineer. In the early 1960's he decided to design and build his own car, at Livorno. The A3C GT Strada emerged in 1963, entering production in 1965. Later cars were badged Bizzarrini Grifo and later (most of them) 5300 GT. A smaller version was presented in 1966, powered by a 1481cc Fiat four cylinder engine (around 5 built) followed by the 'Europa', the same car powered by a 1897cc Opel unit (around 15 built). By 1969 Bizzarrini has succumbed to that Italian Motor Industry devil, financial problems.

Occasionally the name has been revived for a concept car or prototype, but as yet no production has resulted.


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