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Yet another V6 opel!!!

I'm currently working on the same swap except using an '82 engine. I haven't decided on the exhaust yet, but I'm considering taking the path that you did, or use the exhaust from a fiero.

I'm pretty certain that I'm going to at least have to modify the engine cross member. If not replace it all together. I would be very interested in mounting of the engine that you did. Do you have any more detailed pictures of the cross member, and the engine mounts, I have my ideas about how I'd like to do them, but I'm always open to other ideas.

Also, the engine came with an autotrans, and I'll go ahead and put it in, but will probably switch to a standard trans. however I was wondering what the distance is from the front of the bell housing to the center of the shifter for the T5. so that I can plan for it when installing the engine. I'm taking lots of pictures along the way and I'll be starting a webpage before too long with the project. At this point, I just installed a vacuum advance distributor and saw spark at the plugs. It actually took quite a while to get there. Hopefully I'll get he engine to turn over on it's own in the next week or two.
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