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ok i dont blame you for using a 3.3 liter chrysler v6 but which one?
they have two diff styles
first is in the caravans and the other is in the intrepids and concordes and such the caravan one is a 60 v6 i think and the intrepid one is close too a 45 degree
also you would have to adapt a transmission to it because there are no rwd models with the same bolt pattern
also there is a front and rear water plumbing for the engine
and last i havent seen any ots performance parts if you want to just have a reliable motor it will be fine other than that i dk

the gm 60 v6 is a better choice in my opinion
first gm loyalty
but there r rwd versions
plenty of performance parts (even better carbs) cheaper parts
and you know it has been done and has been successful so that will make it easy
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