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So, is it possible to move the Chevette transmission shifter forward to fit the GT console? If so, how is it done. I have looked at the postings and the consensus seems to be it is not and I have crawled under a Chevette to scope out the trans. It seems the shifter is integral to castings bolted onto the transmission. Would it be possible to modify the housing??

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There may be a way to modify the shiter arm, but then it throws off the geometry of the shifting angle. I guess what I mean is that in first the shifter would be way forward, and then 2nd would probably be okay, but then you need the space for the motion of the shifter. If you want factory location, the chevette 5-speed is not what you want, if you don't care to modify it is a great transmission. Once the bugs are worked out, runs pretty smooth, and is leak and trouble free.
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