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Chuck Jordan's cars?

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Hi... is there a site where I can read all about this guy? he aparently designed the GT, Manta, Kadett, and even later Rekords.. was head of design at GM.. I searched, and searched but only found very little about him, I'm especialy interested in all the other cars that he's done.
Is he even still alive?
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Again off topic. I agree with Motor Mouth about the "Impact" bumpers on the 74s and early 75s, But. I "accidentally" rear ended a lady in Raleigh N.C back in 75, not paying enough attention, and came away with just a slightly crumpled hood. The insurance company totaled her car, bent the frame on it, so they said. Repaired mine for $200. So they worked. Saved the front end of my Rallye. Drove it until 89 and she's in the shed now waiting for new floorboards. Jarrell
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