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Chuck Jordan's cars?

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Hi... is there a site where I can read all about this guy? he aparently designed the GT, Manta, Kadett, and even later Rekords.. was head of design at GM.. I searched, and searched but only found very little about him, I'm especialy interested in all the other cars that he's done.
Is he even still alive?
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Here is a photo of Murad Nasr taken at the 2000 OMC Picnic. Murad is a retired design engineer from Opel who is now living in CA. He designed the Manta Rallye and was part of the GT design team. It was pretty neat to hear him talk of the design process and how the GT was going to have chrome trim in the wheel wells, but he said it would take too much away from the clean look and they dropped it. (Thank you Murad!)
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