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need help to buy thermostat

Hi, everybody!
Can anybody write me the exact dimensions of the Thermostat, so I can buy a new one?(I'm interested mostly in the length in mm) I have a Manta B '79 with injection, and a 2.0l engine.
The old thermostat was not functioning anymore, I removed it, and after that I had my engine rebuild (most of the parts are new now). I got rid of the old thermostat, and bought a new one, but this one it's not working, I guess it's a bit longer than my old one, so it can't run properlly. The engine overheats very quick if I put the thermostat. Now I removed it, and I'm running without it, but the winter is comming...

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And where is "RO" that you have a Manta B?

Anyway, if the thermostat for the '79 2.0 is the same as the '75 1.9 with Bosch L-Jetronic (which was the last year, and only year, imported to North America with fuel injection), here is a couple of photos. The thermostat is different than all other earlier CIH engines, which use the same stat as the Chevy Small BLock. I believe it is shared with various VW engines of the same era, and has a dual flow path. The length from the upper disc to the lower disc is almost exactly 30 mm, or 1.18 inches. Here is a photo if it helps. I think the numbers shown on the packaging are from Canadian Tire, which probably won't help you much.

The upper disc has a diameter of 52 mm (2.05 inches), while the lower disc is 34 mm (1.34 inches).

I will also move this thread to the "Parts Substitutes" forum


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