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i've never seen such an expression of shame & disbelief on a man's face like i have today.

So, i've mentioned that im building my own intergrated sound for my restoration project.
So, last night, i finally got the setup complete and asked my friend if i could test it in his opel record.

This morning, i installed it in his car and went for a drive.

The setup is as follows:
2 x 4ohm 5watt speakers in-dash, diven by a simple 20watt amplifier ic circuit board

2 x 6ohm 35watt as mid range under the front seats, powered by a 80watt amplifier circuit

2 x 8ohm 60watt & 2 x 4ohm 3watt speakers, powered by a 200watt amplifier ic circuit.

Each circuit has its own independant volume and bass control, to get the balance right
Al 3 amplifier circuits are powered from a seperate 12v battery, charging from the alternator.

Anyway, we drive through town, playing with the controls, to get the best possible quality.
We finally got it just right. No distortion, no humming, no clipping and crystal clear sound coming through our ears.
Driving with the windows closed, to fully enjoy the music at a medium volume. We stop at a stoplight and this young guy stops next to us. His music so loud, we could hear the rear windscreen vibrate. clearly the kind of guy that relies on his sound to help him down the road when his tank is on empty.

He waves at us to roll down our windows and asks us what we are singing along to, as it looks like the middle class version of 'carpool karaoke'.

It was RAMMSTEIN with 'DU HAST'. It has the right amount of bass, treble and perfect to set the system properly.
We crank the main volume to full and instantly, he demanded to see the setup.

After about 10mins trying to convince him that there is no setup to see, i explained in detail what the setup was.

I phisically had to open the box to show him the 3 circuit boards, hardly bigger than the door handle on the car.

Then came the classic 'dumb' look on his face.. It was so funny.
This guy, packing a 2000watt pioneer amplifier, 2 x 15'' woofers in sealed box, an overpriced crossover and a capacitor so big, it can power my entire car.

I outplayed him with a system that cost me less than the screws holding his subwoofer box in place.

Best feeling ive had in a long time.
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