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So, after about a year of miscellaneous work, she finally made it to and back from the paint shop and now my baby has a few brand new coats of jaguar blue on her :) Anyway, this weekend I installed all the new bulbs and lenses and gaskets and emblems, etc. etc. to finish the exterior up, but when I came to install the clear lenses from OGTS on the up front turn signals, we found that the clear (glass) lenses hit the mounting posts inside the bracket. We couldn't think of any way to get around this, as the amber plastic ones have cutouts. Anyone installed these? Any ideas? (Also, I plan on switching the wires from the curved side markers to the clear lights, so the curved markers act as turn signals and the clears act like parking lights. Is this ok?)

2nd part - after installing the new instrument panel, the lights do not come on when the headlights or parking lights are on. I checked bulbs before they went in, so I have no clue what this could be. Any ideas?

Thanks, Steve

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Sounds like you may have missed a ground wire, or need to check all the connections. BTW, are you still looking for a motor to build?

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In my '70, the dash lights do not come on unless the dimmer switch is on. Turning on the headlights brings it into the circuit, but the lights are not illuminated unless you hit that switch, which is one of the six rockers under the radio. Its the only one that is a dimmer.

I am not sure if my wiring is standard, or some screwball modification from a previous owner, but if the switch is either in the off position, or no good, then on my car those lights will not come on. However, even iff you leave the switch in the "on" position, the dash lights shut off with the headlights.

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dash lights

my dash lights are exactly as you described too.they do not come
on unless the dimmer is down.

I have other electrical gremlins...such as #1-if I turn on the fan blower switch my radio shuts off ...and the fan doesn't run.

problem #2_high beams always work... but low beams worked last week, then both low beams went out,now one low beam works.High beams contiue to workfine.

Where do I start to learn how to trouble shoot my wiring?...I read in this web site ,a common answer is to "check your ground wires" ..where are the ground wires and how do I isolate.the problem?..

I learned in college how to use a volt-ohm-amp meter.. so I think
that is the tool..but I am short on "real world application"

Thanks for help on getting started.I like this website and people
who are in it.

PS:I have had my gt for 6 weeks..here in KC.MO. I get stopped about
once a week by people who want to chat about the opel or want to race at the next light ...teens usually want to race..old folks want to reminice about their old opel,MG,Fiat,triumph etc...KC has over a
million people..I have heard of only one other in the area.The car is a blast to drive....actually you "Wear the car":D
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