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clickity noise when you step on the clutch

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Had something new start today when I hold the clutch in with the engine running there is a clickity noise coming from under the car. I thought is was a noisey lifter but is is not coming from the motor that I can tell. The car runs fine and shifts but the noise is new and worries me.

Anybody ever have something like that?
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Thrust Brng?

Sounds suspiciously like a dud thrust bearing or damage to the pressure plate fingers. Did you put a new bearing in when you changed the motor or think -"Its only done 5,000 miles so it must be a good one" ??

Can you feel surging or vibration through the clutch pedal when it is depressed? Does the noise go away when the clutch is engaed and idling out of gear?
Throwout bearing that is grim news if that is the case.

Yes It is the same clutch pressure plate and bearing that was installed 5gs ago.

You only hear it when the clutch is in at idle. There is no surging or vibrations

I was alone today when I heard it and didn't have time to find something to hold the clutch down while I put the car up on jacks to track down the exact source of the noise.

could it be the clutch adjustment is way off?
It is a bearing - either throwout, pilot or front gearbox I would guess.

Do you have a loud sound system? If so you could turn it up till the bearing actually fails - or fix it now ..... Sorry.
A sound system hmm that is an idea, with the gentler cam I don't set off car nearly as many alarms anymore maybe I could here a radio...

Just drove the car 11 miles from the garage to the house and the sound stopped but I doubt that the problem went away.

I wanted to port the manifolds a bit more to match the 48ies so if I have to take the manifolds off it only the 2 extra bolts on the head, 4 nuts on the drive shaft, 3 on the shroud, one on the radator, two on the motor mounts, 3 bolts on the pigs ear (I have to take pass side one out to get by the header which are welded in, 4 bolts on the trans mount, unclip the accelerator cable from its mount, c clip on shifter, (all the inter stuff is still out right now anyway) Yank the motor undo the 4 bolts on the traany and bingo the throw out bearing!!! that will take all of 40 minutes..

now puttting it back.... that ends up taking days

Be Thorough!

Don't forget to check the pilot bearing in the centre of the flywheel ( in the crankshaft end) and try the front gearbox bearing too - while the motor is out ........

Also check that the clutch disc is in the correct way around ......
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