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Close Call Stories

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I’m not sure if this has been a thread topic before but I’m sure there are stories to tell.

This happened to me last night. I was on my way home from checking on my Sister’s dogs / house. It was just before actually being night, past dusk at this point to try and describe the amount of light out. Roughly 8:30 pm. I’m going approximately 60 mph on a road that has a wide physical / dirt median. I start to see something odd and then quickly realize it’s a dark colored SUV headed right at me, without any lights on! I swerve into the other lane, there wasn’t any traffic around me to worry about thankfully. I get to the next light a moment later and do a u-turn. I see other cars having to pass this SUV. At the next light / a previous light, I see the SUV getting onto the correct side of the road. I get behind the SUV and flash my high beams multiple times trying to get the driver to turn on their lights. The person pulls off the road so I do the same and park behind them. I decide to get out and go talk to the person. It turns out to be an old Native American woman who clearly shouldn’t be driving anymore. I ended up yelling at the old lady for driving on the wrong side of the road without her lights on and nearly causing what would have been a serious accident. She could have killed other people, not just herself. When I left she still hadn’t turned on her lights.

I’ve been wanting to put a couple dash cameras in my Acadia and I think it’s time. That was a pretty scary close call last night for me. A head on collision at 60 mph plus that lady was going probably 30. I’d at least be in the hospital and she would likely be dead.
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Reminds me of a joke.

Old Harold is driving into town one day when his wife calls him in a panic. She exclaims to be careful because the news just announced there was someone driving the wrong way on the highway to town. Harold,sounding a little perturbed screamed back at here "it's not just one idiot. IT'S ALL OF THEM!!"
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Well when I die I at least want to go peacefully in my sleep like my grandpa, not screaming like all of his passengers.
Wrong way drivers are a real hazard around Phoenix also. My daughter met , and avoided one recently on Scottsdale Rd...

Maybe that old woman you met didn't know how to turn ON the headlights. That doesn't excuse or explain driving on the wrong side.
Be thankful that you were alert !
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