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OK, so I feel kinda silly. I've been giving advice WAY too much to be asking this question, but which way does the clutch disk go onto the flywheel? Yea, I know, "...the long hub side faces toward the flywheel". But I bought a new disk (genuine GM!) from Gil at OGTS, and BOTH sides of the hub are about the same length. YIKES!

The side of the "damper" (the internal part of the disk that has the springs) that sticks out more has "Schwungrad" stamped into it. Now I am pretty sure "Schwungrad" means "flywheel", so I presume that means that the damper side that sticks out should go against the flywheel. But I had thought that the side with the protruding damper should go against the pressure plate. I would have just looked at my old clutch disk, but it currently in Kat's GT (a VERY long story). So, which is it? See the photo below:


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