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Hey guys,
Have never had to purchase a clutch for my baby. Saw one on Ebay-item# 2403595382.....can anyone tell me if this would be a wise investment and what would be a reasonable price to pay??
I saw they are discontinued in the Opel Gt source catalog. Where do you guys get yours????
I have a 1970 1.9L

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OGTS may have discontinued the stock 8 inch clutch assembly, but they still show a replacement disk (# 8056: SACHS CLUTCH DISK Excellent performance clutch disk. German made) for $60 (which I just ordered, so I hope they have it), and a complete aftermarket kit (# 8072: 8.0 INCH CLUTCH KIT New German 8.0 inch clutch kit including pressure plate, clutch disc, release bearing and pilot bearing) for $259.

If your pressure plate is still OK (the spring forks shouldn't be too worn, and the pressure plate can't be too badly grooved or cracked), then all you need is a new or rebuilt friction disk, and then get the flywheel and pressure plate re-faced at any decent machine shop. Just make sure that they machine the same thickness off the upper (non-friction) surface of the flywheel as the friction surface. Also make sure that your release bearing is smooth, and the pilot bushing is in good shape.

You may also be able to get your existing friction disk re-built. Ask your local automotive machine shop or performance supply store if there is a clutch rebuilding shop in your area. They may also be able to rebuild your pressure plate for less than a new one from OGTS. When I had mine done, it was less than $200 total, including friction disk.

Finally, you can convert your clutch to a Chevy S-10 pressure plate and disk. Look at the recent postings under this forum heading, and the photos at:




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