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anyone put that ceramic coat on there own pistons?

Trying to see which way would be cheaper.

to do it myself or send the pistons out

Anyone know the cost of getting some pistons done. (both side and tops)


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http://www.polydyn.com/ did my pistons and exhaust manifold. I haven't tried them yet but they look good. :) I thought their prices were reasonable when I had it done and they were good to deal with. The exhaust manifolds were done in a flat black coating. A friend bought one of the coated sprint manifolds for his race car and said he could definitely tell a difference in heat reduction in the engine compartment.

The pistons are pretty with gold tops and black moly sides. I didn't have the grooves coated. Just trying to figure out a head mod where people can see them once they're installed. :rolleyes:

My plan is to send a head and get the combustion chambers coated and a modified intake coated. I emailed the guys at Polydyn about the most bang for the buck and their response was that I would really be surprised how much coating the crank would help. It has been awhile since I dealt with them but I think they were referring to windage and not reduction in friction between it and the bearings. I had a windage tray installed in my first car, a Dodge w/318, and it was a noticable difference. The magazines of the day claimed something like 10-15 hp. Neat thing about it was a small increase in MPG and boy did I need it what with gas costing $.50/gal. in the seventies.

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