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Oops! In the interest of moderating a flame about to happen, I accidentally deleted the original question, as well as RallyBob's post. So here it is again. But I want to warn both bax and Opelgtmaster3 NOT to engage, or even come CLOSE to engaging, in ANY communication that I perceive to to be demeaning to ANY member on this board. And I am serious. Here's RallyBob's calm, thoughtful, non demeaning reply. The rest of you have been warned.

In all probability, those VW shocks will be about 3 times too stiff for your GT. I've seen the damping rates on off-road VW Beetles, and they are VERY stiff. Keep in mind the VW must support the weight of the engine out back....


For example, item #B46-0930 has a damping rating of 135 in compression and 345 in rebound (Bilstein's metric rating system BTW). A GT rear shock probably needs closer to 50 or 60 in compression, and 80-100 in rebound for a stiff road car. Other wise you'll be overdampened and it will ride and handle like s**t!


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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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