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cold opel senator

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I have a problem, the winter is coming and i have no fan heater,need to find out where the fan switch themo sensor thing is . apparently i need bridge the resistor with wire, and thats it ........... done , cant find it, can anyone tell me cos i am a opel virgin and think i need help....!!!! thanks
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Look here resisters that break down is a common problem,and fixing them can be done on 2 ways:

Changes the heater motor this takes quit a while because half the interiour needs to get out.

Do it the way how it is showt in the pic in the link,and place some aftermarket resistors.

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If you have a Senator A 1978-1986 thats the way to do it.

If the fan is going without making noises i would place the aftermarket resistors,i have changed a heater motor twice now in a Senator A1 and a Monza A2,(both have kind a the same interiour) i would never do it again if the resistors break down.

If you car has AC its a complete diffent story,thats very easy,but those resistors are hard to find.
Thanks for that tip and the link. There is a lot of good info on that site. I have a Senator A2 that is my daily driver.
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