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colored dashlights

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i just had the idea of changing all the dashlights in my GT, from the white bulbs, and switching them to the blue bulbs, in hopes the numbers and tick marks will show up blue, to compliment the blue stripe and blue dots in the tail lights that its soon to have. just wondereing if anybody has done this and what the outcome was, like brightness and readability and other such things.
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ive thought the same idea with using red bulbs dont no where to get those little bulbs in color though so i never have tried it anyone no were i can find those bulbs in colors......
i seen some in a truck stop at a nearby town, thats what gave me the idea
if u stumble across a website that sells the color bulbs that will fit in the gt dash i would be willing to purchase some and post ther outcome
what if you spray the clear bulb with anodized look alike paint, its very transparent, and it it quite possible that it will change the color of the light. just an idea
well i have tried this befor take some model paiints and paint over a clear bulb and if u do it ligth enough but not to light it will make the bulb appear taht color but it does not let as much light thru so i dont think it would be brigth enough to use behind the dash.but i might try and find some of that anodized paint ur talking bout.ill keep yah all posted.
i allways painted my bulbs on the bike light blue with a magic marker, the brightness was fine and it gave a blueish light - not completly blue - like nexon bulbs. The only problem is that the blue gets yellowish-green with time.
well i conducted some tests today and i found that red spray paint put over a bulb and stuck into the gas/temp gauge and put 12 volts to the light and put the gauge in a dark room and u could barley see the lines on the gauge the needles were very red though i also tried blue that didnt work to well. im gonna try some other ideas i have and well post there outcomes.
I bought interior and dash light bulbs for my son's 2000 S10 at Advance Auto Parts. They had red and blue sets. Not sure if they would fit a GT.
I've done this for a few electronic projects. You can't use a standard paint. You need to use a transparent paint or something for stained glass. I have some in a Tamiya brand, but check your local hobby shop to see what you can get. Just keep in mind you are trying for a tinted glass. I suppose you could do your interior in a number of colors. Then again you could do one light in 2 colors. Or a dome light to match your car color.
Stumbled across this thread and found it interesting. Any updates on what people have found out? That would be really cool to accent a certain color on your car, and really give it a great look! Any info or help would be appreciated
take it as nobody has really found a good way to tint the bulbs, or a supply source of colored bulbs to fit the GT?
G-smurf, there are bulbs made with colored-glass, I don't remember where I saw them. When I get back to work on Monday, I'll check one of the lamp catalogs the staff engineer has against the GT oem bulb. He has 2 or 3 and they have just about every lamp there is.
Couldn't you use the same little rubber covers you use on aftermarket gauge lights?
VDO supplies neat low light red bulbs for its instruments for use in marine aplications - don't know the ID number as mine have come from obsolete stock marine gauges.
billard, i think we could use those, the only problem is trying to find blue ones......
I tried swapping from clear to blue colored bulbs (which were readily available) on my motorcycle. After one night ride I swapped them back. The tint was no doubt blue, but the colored bulb cut the illumination so much I could barely make out the gauges. Because of this I nixed my idea of doing it to my GT. Nice idea, but the well lit white markings on a black background provide the high contrast this old man needs to see.
LED replacements for incandescents

Hey Group,

A lot of LED manufacturers are making LED replacements for the brass-socketed, incondescents bulbs of the yester year.

Try these manufactures to see if they have a substitute LED replacement for the dash light bulbs:

LUMEX, DialLight, Stanley, LITEON, Chicago Miniature, !!! and
Poly LEDs.

May come in all flavors. If anyone finds a model replacement, I hope you can let us know.

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Anybody ever follow through with this?
I'm thinking the white gauge covers Sven had, along with some brightly colored LEDs would make for a nice change in the dash appearance. Hmm...I have an extra manta instrument panel harness to play with...

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