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Stan did not win the national championship in GT-4 for Opel this year he finished in 12th. That in itself is still a pretty neat feat.

It looks like Stan started dead last or was in last place by the end of lap one. However he tenaciously threaded his way back through the pack to 12th place. If you follow the progress of car 71 in the first link you will see that he made far more movement than any other driver (almost three times as much). The are only 20 laps on the 2.5 mile course.

I bet if the race had been a bit longer then he would have finished a lot closer to the front with the pace he was setting.

They didn't post each lap times so I don't know the ration or how much longer it would have taken him to get to first. Maybe someone who went to the race could enlighten us as to what happened.

I think this is Stan's 5th national in a Opel GT. He has put a lot of sweat, work and his hard-earned money to get there year after year. I think he and his family who have supported him, his efforts and the time commitment that it takes to race on the national level (like not eating two days a week so you can pay for the Opel parts) should be acknowledged somehow by the members of this board.

Congrats Stan to a job well done. You will get them next year!

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i had herd that Stan was building a new Tube Chassis GT

i wonder if that what he was driving

anyway big Congrats to Stan for keeping the GM/Opel banner alive

wonder if Roger Wilson flew out to help Him

anyone have the inside story


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Last I heard the chassis builder for Stan's new car was dragging his feet. It's apparently still not done, even though it was promised some time ago. However it should be pretty awesome when the car is complete.

Roger Wilson didn't make it out to the Runoffs this year, I spoke with him last week and he had other plans.

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WOW! The progression is amazing! Did he get blocked? It looks like he would have gone right on up that scale otherwise and like Calvin said, if it had been longer... . Would have loved to have seen that race. Bet I would've been on the edge of my seat.
Huge Congratulations Stan!! :D :D

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Thanks for the kind words guys. I do not get much of a chance to get on this forum, but I need to thank Bob L, Dave L, Calvin and all the others on here who have helped me keep that '71 Opel roadracing over the past 5 years! Three of those years have resulted in Divisional Championships; each year I've been blessed with multiple race wins, and have several poles, track records, and race fast laps. Although not quite yet able to run with Tom Drake's semi tubeframe GT, I have been able to have at it with the only other full tub Opel running SCCA Nationals in GT4/FP- the car so capably driven by Bob Dennard.
Too bad Bill Davidson is no longer running an Opel because he ,Roger Wilson and John Mills (ex GT4 Manta) have also been a great help. Bill's hard work on a "brand" ex tub car resulted in a 6th place at this year's Runoffs! Bear in mind we're running these 30 plus year old Opels at the same lap times as most Z06 Vettes lap the same tracks, and faster than the A-Sedan Camaros and Mustangs! Last year I was able to run in 10th and finish 11th at the Runoffs. This year, although qualifying 1.5 seconds and 3mph faster, I had a horrible start and only managed to crawl back up to 12th- I did set the 5th fastest straightaway speed at 121mph.
Anyway, being 62 years old, time is catching up to me and I need to accelerate the tubeframe project. To do so, I need to sell the current car, and much of the 10 plus years of Opel Parts I have stored in a rented 56' boathouse. All I need to keep are some body and engine parts as everything else is off the shelf ministock or custom built for the new GT Lites Buick Opel GT racer.
I'd entertain offers for the rust free (only on the street till 1976),unbent, rolling chassis with spares such as multiple ratio diffs and extra alum wheels, completely ready for your engine & trans, with all the tricks, bells, whistles, and accumulated Knowledge for apx. $9,000. If you want it with the proven race winning FP or GT4 motor and bulletproof quickshifting Houseman dogbox (a $6,000 piece new), the price would be in the $16,000 range. I'm open for offers, and can work track day or regional level combinations in between those prices. The car could also be taken back to ITB, or HP, or even vintage, because it is an unmolested tub with highly modified,and adjustable, stock Opel suspension and custom built header and tunnel exhaust to get 2'' off the pavement. If there is interest, I can provide full specs for the chasiis and engines, as required.

Stan Czacki, (915-204-3520 cell), (505-744-5150 home) ([email protected])
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