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Couple More Questions

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Ive gotten my insturment cluster hooked up and such, yet the tach flucuates like 2-300 RPM! The needle just wont stay still at idle. Another thing, whenever I start my engine, it runs for a good 10 minutes with no problems, then starts smoking pretty badly. I found it it was leaking coolent and fixed the problem. Now its starting again, and when the engine gets hot, it sounds like either a hissing from like stream, or bubbling. Its kind of strange.
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I second bazs' remarks. Also did you blead all the air from the system? that would accout for the burbling. Also, now that youve got the coolent leak fixed, crank it and let it warm up, sans cap, and see if you're getting air bubbles in the radiator. That will indicate a blown gasket. If not you'll have to see about having the system pressure tested. Jarrell
I'd try what guyopel said about "R&r Thermostat Housing at the Cylinder Head" What kind of sealent are you using? I'm a firm beliver in K&W copper coat. Make sure the head and the Thermostat housing are very clean when putting it back together. Jarrell
Guyopel is talking about the Thermostat Housing Gasket where it bolts up to the Cyl head. About a 10 min chore and a day to dry. If you have a camera, take a picture to make sure we're on the same page. Here's the two different styles.One's three bolts, the other two. Disregard the tap in the top picture, I made a mistake. HTH, Jarrell


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