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Couple More Questions

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Ive gotten my insturment cluster hooked up and such, yet the tach flucuates like 2-300 RPM! The needle just wont stay still at idle. Another thing, whenever I start my engine, it runs for a good 10 minutes with no problems, then starts smoking pretty badly. I found it it was leaking coolent and fixed the problem. Now its starting again, and when the engine gets hot, it sounds like either a hissing from like stream, or bubbling. Its kind of strange.
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Hold Off Using The Bars Stop Leak , R&r Thermostat Housing
At The Cylinder Head , ( Leaks Occur At Corner & Runs Down
At Pass. Side Front At Timing Cover ) Look Here First ..
Bars Stop Leak Is A Last Resort .. Hope This Helps
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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