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Couple More Questions

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Ive gotten my insturment cluster hooked up and such, yet the tach flucuates like 2-300 RPM! The needle just wont stay still at idle. Another thing, whenever I start my engine, it runs for a good 10 minutes with no problems, then starts smoking pretty badly. I found it it was leaking coolent and fixed the problem. Now its starting again, and when the engine gets hot, it sounds like either a hissing from like stream, or bubbling. Its kind of strange.
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Did a pressure check, and everything was A-OK with that. Found out it isnt the head Gasket, but a different gasket. Not sure on the name..so I'll just call it the Timing Chain Cover gasket. Right in the passenger side front corner where there is excess hanging off, green fluid is seeping from there. Its not that bad of a leak, but bad enough to cause some smoking. I bought a thing of Bars Leaks Head Gasket Repair, anyone ever use it, or suggest it? I figured I would try that before tearing apart my whole engine again, since I know how it is to replace the gasket I need to. It says on the bottle that it fixes minor to average coolent leaks. Any comments?
Sorry..Im not too sure on what you meant? Replace the gasket? If so, which one(s). I am kind of on a dealine, so should I replace other Gaskets while tearing into the engine, or would it be an easy 1 day or less Fix?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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