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Yes, but I'll take an intake and exhaust if they are attached.
Stanley ...

Why do need an intake manifold ... couldn't you just bolt the new exhaust manifold to your intake manifold? I have intake and exhaust manifolds ... but not sure if I have an "attached" set -- I'll check my stash. Anyway, if I do have what you need I'll ship it to you for shipping cost ... OR ... you could pick it up at Mid Ohio on or before Friday. I'm helping Stan at the Run Offs at Mid Ohio this week (I'll be there this afternoon through Friday). If Mid Ohio isn't too far a drive, I'll bring the manifold with me and you could pick it up there -- plus, you get to see Stan's GT in action. The GTLite race is 1425hrs (2:25PM) Friday.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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