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my opel cub is in a terrible state right now

My to do list is not all that long, just some sweat and tears and it should be ok

1) overhual 1:6 engine. Pick-up in sump is clogged up, valve guides so sticky, valves wont even move, crank pulley covered in dirty oil and carb clogged with sand?

2) complete wiring loom, redo all connections after wires burnt

3) rusted panels to be repaired and covered with recycled steel plates from old dishwasher, thus giving it a custom shape.

4) bonnet cut shorter due to too much rust and reshape

5) custom build new dash and install custome faced guages with colour panel lighting

6) install fully intergrated, home built sound system to give prospective thieves the idea that there is nothing worth breaking in for, unless they want to steal built in usb charging ports. (the main radio to be hidden in dash with pop-up feature)

7) lay new carpet

8) custom cut and cover door panels

9) new roof lining

10) (a special surprise for the wife) custom made gear knob with silwer St Christopher inlay)

11) spray white

12) special opel decal

13) drive of into the sunset

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Welcome to OpelGT.com.
I'm guessing that most of us here have never seen an Opel cub.
Is that the same as a Kadett E? This site is focused mostly on
the models that were imported into the US, but it is interesting to see
the stuff that we missed out on, :yup:
Post a picture of the car as it is now, before you start working through your list.
Good luck, and keep us posted.
Ron in Indy.

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cub makeover 2

Fix the brakes first!
And O yes post pictures of your endeavor.
Hi wrench

It is exactly the kadett E. Check my garage and you will se pics of what she looks like. Have not started yet.

Still doing planning and also, here in South Africa, Cape Town, its winter now and rainy season, so i cant do much, but keep it covered untill its a sunny day.

Im unemployed, so im forced to fix the car the way i am.
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