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Hello Opel Community,

This is a wonderful and new forum to share your custom tools! The Cam In Head engine is an interesting oddball and so are most Opels from this era. It would be great to see and learn about the various custom tools members have made to help make working on an Opel easier. The more detailed the information you share, the easier it will be for another member to create a duplicate. If you can post a video of how to use your custom tool, if it's complicating or possibly dangerous, that is appreciated.

It should be noted however that working on cars and fabricating custom tools is not for everyone. Anyone who uses a tool they created is responsible for their own safety. The Opel GT forum, its owners Vertical Scope, and the person who shared information about a custom tool are not responsible for your safety or any injuries or death as a result of you using that tool or a tool you learned about on this site. If you let someone else use your fabricated tool, the same conditions apply to whoever you let use that tool. If you are not comfortable taking full responsibility for your own safety when working on a vehicle or making a custom tool, then you should not proceed with working on your own vehicle or creating a custom tool. Providing a way for forum members to share their custom tools is strictly to help those who are comfortable with accepting full responsibility for their safety and also knowing how to use the tool correctly. Some tools, like a leaf spring compressor, can be incredibly dangerous even when used by a trained mechanic. Not reading this statement does not absolve a person of this responsibility when creating a custom tool that was learned about on OpelGT.com. It applies to anyone who decides to fabricate their own tools, whether or not they read this statement.

You have been warned, proceed with fabricating and using tools at your own risk! The OpelGT.com support staff are not representatives of Vertical Scope, nor are the support staff legal counsel in any way, shape, or forum. This warning is only to notify members that no one else is responsible for your actions or your safety.

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I'll have to look to see if I have any more cam timing tools left.
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