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Dash VIN tag finish?

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Silly anal question, I know, but I want to get it right...

From the factory, were the 1969 Opel GT dashboard VIN strip and rivets painted all black, left all aluminum, or some combination (black w/unpainted numbers or rivets)? Did it matter what color the dash was, i.e., did red dashboards have their VIN tags painted red?

Just got my refinished '69 saddle tan dashboard back from JustDashes. It looks great!
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On my 72, Black dash, the rivets and vin tag were all painted black. I found a piece of the paint about an inch long with the numbers and imprint of the rivet on it when I took the dash out to send to Just Dashes. I just don't know if the other color dashes were done in colors other than black though. HTH.

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