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Dashpad installation..opinions?

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After a few years of looking around and wieghing the various options, I have bought a replacement dashpad for my GT. It looks great with no visible cracks. The problem is that the seller failed to tell me (Ebay purchase) that the part of the dashpad that goes in front of the shift console and up to the steering column had been separated from the rest of the dash.
I have two options, I can Install it as is and the break will never be seen because it is hidden behind the right front corner of the shift console....but it might not properly support the instrument dash panel if installed that way. The instrument panel would be supporting the left part of the dashpad (the part that ends at the steering column and which is under the instrument dash.

Or I could somehow reattach the two parts of the dashpad before I install it in the car. I have a possible way to do this which would make the two parts act as one structurally. I don't want to do this though unless I really have to. Opinions?
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That piece holds the hood release right? Thing is, if after the dash and gauge panel are installed and it's not held in place good enough, you'll have to take the dash back out to repair it, that sounds like too much work to go through. An ounce of prevention at this point could save a pound of cure later.
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