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If anyone else ever does a legere engine and the decideds (for whatever reason) to use DCOE 40ies instead of the 45ies which would be a much better choice but it's run what ya brung for me and I have the 40ies. Here is the recomended baseline from pierce manifolds tech people and what I am going to try to start with.

f16 emulsion tubes and what I had
140 main jets f16 --------------110 f9
180 air f16----------------------- 210 f9
45 idle f16------------------------55 f9
36 choke -------------------------28
50 exhaust jet ------------------50
175.w needle -------------------150

It won't come till next week but we will see how it does and post any changes.

this is base on the tech reps books for race opels and about what a race capri with about the same engine as a Legere 1.9/2.4 has

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