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Help! My speedo has packed up (1985 Manta GSi 2.0i), but after spending ages taking apart the dash as careful as possible, it looks like the speedo itself is fine after a quick test, I replaced the speedo cable just to make sure, so I'm left with the guess that its the little gear on the transmission tail-end. Is this hard to replace? Do I need to take the transmission out? If anyone has a pic or guide on how to get the little gear out painlessly :p it would be much appreciated :)

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Here is one in a Getrag. It is held in place by a "finger" clamp that slides into the slot in the drive. The color of the gears indicate the ratio to the speedometer and in your case replace with the same color. When installing a Getrag into a GT, you need to have the purple one (from and automatic) and use a speedo head that has a "w=482" (I think that's right) code on the lower face.

One thing that may be the problem though is the internal gear that drives that removable piece. If that is worn, the gear drive will not rotate. You will then need to dissassemble the trans. :(


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Speedo Repairs in NZ

NZ Manta GSi,

Down in Christchurch there is a company called E. Parrott & Son,
Auto Instrument Specialist, 360 St. Asaph Street who are VDO agents and have a reputation of being able to fix or rebuild almost any old speedo back to as new condition. They fix and supply cables and drive gears too.

Had my NOS GT speedo serviced by them and the disc on the needle glued back on. They also relubed the mechanism.
Let me know if I can help by acting as a go-between, if you need to deal with them.
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